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Based in Los Angeles CA, Meri Cherry offers process art * experiences and products for everyone! Whether you’re signing up for an art class at Meri Cherry Art Studio, visiting the Meri Cherry Shop & Making Space for drop in art making, booking a birthday party, scheduling private mobile classes, or exploring our art kits and downloadable classes, we can’t wait to share the magic of Process Art with you. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for all the happenings.

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 Community Quotes 

“I had the chance to take my 5 year old to Open Studio – she was fully engaged in creation and worked with intense focus inventing and building, stringing, glittering and gluing…We had a wonderful experience and will come again. If you are looking for a creative space where your child can explore, learn and creatively grow, you’re in luck. I only have two thumbs but they are both way up!”

Meaghan M.

“I have had the privilege of taking my kids (5 and 9) to several open studios. Each time the kids go they are completely engaged. There are always several options for them to explore and create. The time flies by. The staff is amazing. Their energy is inexhaustible and they all truly seem to love being there helping the kids. My daughter also attended a week of “Fairy Camp” this past summer. She had a blast. At the end of the week she came home as a beautiful sprite, bedazzled with all her creations as well as with a lovely fairy home that still has a place of honor on her dresser.

It is so nice to let the kids loose in the studio without having to do any of the planning, set-up, and mess-making at home. Although every time we go I also come home inspired and see random objects in a whole new, creative light. I save bottle caps, corks, coffee sleeves, and more just in case I have a Meri Cherry inspired moment!”

Kendra M.

Meri Cherry (yes, that’s her real name) is the founder of Meri Cherry Art Studio in Los Angeles offering process art experiences around the world––including art classes, art kits, workshops, and collaborative art sessions. She has been an educator for over 20 years, focusing on the art of making and doing rather than the finished product. Pulling from aspects of Reggio Emilia, Montessori and play based learning, Meri Cherry has created her own style of process art and has become a leading educator in the field.

After the smashing success of her private art playgroups and mobile classes throughout Los Angeles, she opened her own art studio, which has become the talk of L.A., providing mobile and in house art parties for top celebrities and influencers. Meri has a loyal and engaged community of over 60k Instagram followers and a popular website and blog with over 100k monthly visits. Her passions include making process art magic, photographing beautiful art supplies and being a resource as an art entrepreneur and teacher. Meri is also the author of Play Make Create, a Process Art Handbook, with Quarto Publishing.