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I saw a post by amazing art blogger MaryMaking not too long ago on how to make salt dough.  She had made the dough for a whacky fish project.  I have adapted the project for an “Out of this World” inspiration.  Before I did it with the kids, I wanted to test it out.  A few years ago, pre-Artists Way, I would have been waaay too lazy for this type of prep, but now I find myself raring to go. Thank you Morning Pages!  Fortunately we had all the ingredients in the house; flour, salt, and water.  I mixed 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of kosher salt and 3 cups of water and voila!  Super Dough, enough for 6-8 fists full.  I played around with an alien shape and a space shuttle and stuck them in the oven at 250.  After two hours I could tell they were still a little soft in the inside, which I was warned online is a no no.  So I kept them in for the 3 hours, which was perfect.  I am going to make a fresh batch on Day One of my “Out of this World” art class tomorrow.  We’ll paint on Day Two.  So far, off to a great start.