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We started out Art Camp this morning with the batik t-shirts.  We did phase 1, drawing the picture with glue.  It was fun, but with young kids, multiple step projects lose a little bit in the excitement area.  They always ask the inevitable “Can we take this home today??!!”  So after phase 1 I brought out the big guns…the silver space shuttle.  ah, Ah, AHHHH!!!! They were psyched!   We made the sculpey aliens first.  I find it best to model an example first, with the option for kids to do their own thing after.  This way, it gives them a place to start.  When it’s a free for all, I find some kids can get frustrated.  Here are the first round of aliens.  We baked them for 20 minutes at 225 and presto.  (This was by far the kids favorite part.  They left camp begging to make more.  Monday I plan to make a huge space craft for a whole alien army to fit in.)

Made by Kendra, age 8, Charles, age 6, Willa and Theo, age 5, and Jonas and Lucy, age 5

Charles, age 6

The space ship was pretty simple thanks to ikat bag.  For the body we used a recycled cardboard box and covered it in duct tape.  The legs are popsicle sticks covered in tin foil.  They look good but weren’t so sturdy.  In retrospect, I probably should have glue gunned them in.  The dome is from Michaels.  They have sets of two for 1.99 but you can easily use something from around the house.  I was in a time crunch and Michals is literally around the block from my house.  I know, so lucky.