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So, I think I mentioned I’ve been working on designing an art studio for kids at a friends home.  It’s been a pretty huge undertaking that will be completed this Friday, when the family returns from out of town.  It’s a 20×20 white space that was pretty seriously trashed when I started.  The first week was organization and clean up.  Week two, this week, is all about the details.  The family has a rock and roll vibe so I made a skull and cross bone stencil from their doormat and plan to stencil it in random spots on the cement floor.  We’ll see how that goes.  Fingers crossed.  And then, after a week and a half of waiting for ocean colored chalkboard paint to arrive from Hudson Paints for the back wall of the studio-still no sign of it, grrr-I turned to Martha Stewart for her DIY version.  I hit the paint store tomorrow at 8.  Wish me luck!

I may have made this a little more complicated than necessary, but hey, that’s one of my specialties.  First I drew the skull and bones on paper and cut it all out.  Then I taped all the parts to oaktag so I could trace them and make sure everything was in the right spot.  I taped each bit down so they didn’t slip around while tracing.

Then I taped an old folder the the back of the tracing so when I busted out with the exacto knife I didn’t scratch the table.  (for the second time.  oops.  Sorry Ev)

I cut out the parts with an exacto.  Lookin good.

There you have it folks.  I’ll be spray painting tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes…