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This is such a fun family project to do outside this summer.It’s B week in kindergarten starting tomorrow.  We are going to make these amazing balloon bowls which I kind of stumbled upon by accident.  They started off as hot air balloons from Collage Collage, a totally fabulous art studio for kids and shop.  I seriously stalk them on instagram.  After I worked on the first balloon, which took a bit longer than I thought, I accidentally popped the balloon inside while removing the tape holding it to the cup.  Turned out to be a major blessing in disguise because I realized the balloon separates itself from the tissue paper in the COOLEST way, with sound effects and everything, and I could trim it into a super cool bowl.  From there I tried balloons in different sizes because there is no way kindergartners are going to sit for 45 minutes modge podging.  I am so pleased with the process and the results, especially the balloon popping.  The kids will love that part.

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This is such a fun family project to do outside this summer.Materials


cup (rocks to weigh the cup down)

masking tape

modge podge

tissue paper

paint brush


1.  Attach a balloon to a cup with masking tape.  Make sure to put the tape on four sides of the balloon to keep it secure.

2.  Modge Podge the whole balloon where you want the bowl shape to be.  Modge podge is best used outside and definitely keep out of mouths!

3.  Cover with tissue paper in different shapes and colors. Keep adding layers of modge podge and tissue paper. I’d say 3 layers is ideal.

4.  Let the balloondry in the sun. Make sure not to wait too long and let the balloon lose air. You’re tissue paper will get all gnarly and attach to the balloon.

5.  POP the balloon and watch it shrivel up, crackly and separate from the tissue paper.  6.  Reshape the bowl.  7.  Hem the edge if you want.  It looks cool ragged too.

I think these would look so pretty with an LED light in them. Have fun!

You can see more pics over here.


If your balloon doesn’t come away from the balloon once you pop it, you can try peeling it away from the balloon.  I’ve found that some tissue paper sticks more than others.  Regular, straight up tissue paper seems to work best.  You can also just leave the balloon on the inside if it is not interfering.  Every time I do this with kids I prep them ahead of time that every once and a while things can go a little cookoo with art projects.  Let’s see what happens.  That usually does the trick with any disappointment if the crackle sound doesn’t happen.  I’ve done this about 30 times and I’d say 3-4 didn’t work.  I salvaged them somehow though except one.  We just did it over and it worked fine.

Thanks for following along and hope you like the vid I just added! xo Meri

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