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1.  I love the Rose Bowl because Gigi’s abacus totally rocks.

2.  I love the Rose Bowl because I can count on it every 2nd Sunday of the month, rain or shine.

3.  I love the Rose Bowl because no matter how long I spend there, I haven’t seen everything and I still feel like I’m missing something fabulous which totally keeps my adrenaline pumping for the next time.

4.  I love the Rose Bowl because of this totally modern needlepoint

and these incredible tiles by renown artist Gemma Taccogna

and these great letters that are perched upon my marriage support box from Gigi’s Aunt Erry.



and definitely these great bar stools from the 70’s that Ev picked out.

5.  I love the Rose Bowl because the musical performer by the food stand totally ROCKS!  He goes from Elvis to Sinatra to country in a heartbeat and he’s amazing at all three.  Must try to get him to come to my next party!  Wait a minute…Gigi’s baby naming!  Anyone know his number?

6.  I just love the Rose Bowl.