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Lately I’ve been reading all this stuff about the pressure society and the media puts on girls/women to look a certain way.  That no matter how far we’ve come, it’s still about being thin, pretty, and sexy.  I even told my husband that instead of picking G up and saying “you look so pretty this morning,” he should say “wow, you are so smart and powerful.”  So now we try to think of all these empowering things to say to her first thing in the morning and then crack up because it sounds so ridiculous.  But we do it anyway.  And then on the other hand, I am so obsessed with her clothes and putting her in these amazing outfits, that maybe I’m just doing a different version of “you look so pretty today.”  It’s confusing, this motherhood bag.  I mean, I love clothes.  I get a high from going to yard sales Saturday mornings while Ev stays home with G and finding the perfect little hoodie for 2 dollars.  I can’t help myself.  Some days I just sit in her room while she plays and put out different outfits on the rug and take photos.  Am I teaching my daughter that looks and what we wear are overly important or am I teaching her that art comes in all shapes and sizes and this is one outlet that can be really fun and exciting??  I really don’t know.  I hope it’s the latter but I’m probably messing her up for life.  Eh, nobodies perfect.  At least she’ll be well dressed.

I like to think of this outfit as a tribute to my Long Island days

This is one of her many Spring/Summer French numbers.  After all, her name is Gigi.

She’s actually never worn this but it totally rules and I stare at it all the time.  It’s a german designer that I picked up at a consignment shop.  I like to think the hat makes it look a little less factory worker.

This is the back and my fav part of her softest hoodie, the little drawn heart tattoo.

Oops, I just realized I forgot the shoes.  Next time.