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We’re learning about Spain in Kindergarten right now and the kids are totally fascinated by Picasso.  I am too.  I didn’t know there was a battle over who invented collage, Pablo Picasso or Georges Braque.  We did these fabulous Picasso inspired guitar collages in two parts.  First we made the guitars in four steps.  1. Cut the corners off a brown rectangle.  2.  Cut small bowls on either side.  3.  Add the neck of the guitar with glue.  4.  Add three skinny rectangle strips along the neck of the guitar for the tuners.  Everyone was successful! The next day we did the backgrounds by adding cut out bits of assorted papers.  One student even got into some confetti, which was really fun with out being too crazy.   The kids truly enjoyed the entire process.  I think they were especially impressed with their guitars, which some were strumming around the room.  They also really got that Picasso was all about his unique creativity.  I heard kids talking about how each of their guitars looked different and Picasso would have liked that.  It was pretty cool.