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We use the the Gems unit Buzzing a Hive in our kindergarten.  I really like it and the kids learn a lot.  This year, I decided to add 3-d duct tape honeybees.  The kids have been going bonkers over them.  The hive was unexpected and totally came from the kids.  Duct tape makes anything possible.  Now they want to make a huge duct tape tree and hang the hive.  Oy.  I have my work cut out for me.

How to make the bees

Materials-black and yellow duct tape, scotch tape, transparency paper or recycled water bottles, newspaper, googly eyes, black pipe cleaners, a straw, a black sharpie and a stapler

1.  Make a ball shape from newspaper for the head.  Cover with yellow duct tape.

2.  Make a slightly larger ball shape from newspaper for the thorax.  Cover with yellow duct tape.

3.  Make a longer shape from newspaper for the abdomen.  Cover with yellow duct tape.

4.  Attach all three shapes with yellow duct tape.  Make strips of black duct tape to use as stripes.  Tape as many stripes as desired onto the thorax and abdomen.

5.  Duct tape the eyes onto the head.  Add three more eyes with a black sharpie.  Honeybees have 5 eyes!

6.  Cut two black pipe cleaners in half.  Use three crisscrossed pipe cleaners for the legs.  Attach them to the thorax with duct tape.  Bend as desired.

7.  Use the fourth pipe cleaner length for the antennae.  Duct tape to the head and bend as desired.

8.  Cut four wings from the transparency paper or water bottle and staple together.  Scotch tape the wings to the top side of the thorax.  Then duct tape the scotch tape down to the thorax to keep the wings secure.

9.  Duct tape a black straw to the abdomen for the stinger.  If you don’t have a black one just duct tape it in black and then add.

10.  The hive is one big wad of newspaper covered in gold duct tape.  I cut a little door at the bottom and covered the inside flap with more duct tape.

One of the kids added a proboscis to theirs with yellow duct tape and a red straw.  Great idea!