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We learn all about butterflies the last few weeks of kindergarten.  For these symmetrical butterflies I did a directive draw of half of a basic butterfly shape on folded circular diffuse paper.  After the butterfly shape was drawn the kids used a shape template to put in different shapes all over half of the butterfly.  It was a great end of the year review of shape names and attributes.  Then they flipped over the half circle and traced their shapes and butterfly outline with sharpie, creating a symmetrical butterfly.  Pretty simple and everyone succeeded.  Lastly we used smelly markers to color in the butterflies and sprayed the whole butterfly with a water bottle to make the colors run.  They dried instantly in the sun.  I had the kids place another circle under the front and cut out both the front and back at the same time to make it simple.  Then I stapled and stuffed each one with recycled newspaper, added the pipe cleaner antennae and strung them up.

This one has a batik effect.  Really beautiful.  It was fun to see the kids ooh and ahh as each were strung up.