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Last time Ev and I went to San Francisco we went to MOMA and I fell in love with this Richard Aldrich painting.  I had taken a photo of it and planned to look him up, but never did.  We went back to MOMA this visit and once again, when I saw this painting I melted.  It wasn’t until I took my camera out to take a picture of it that I realized it was the same painting I gushed over last time.  At least I’m consistent.  I was hoping to get a print at the museum shop but it wasn’t available.  I did come across a GORGEOUS book with some of Aldrich’s work.  I picked it up because the cover art was amazing and sure enough, Richard was listed as one of the artists.  Pretty cool.  I’m going through my “should I or should I not” buy this dance and I’m hoping I should : )