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Image1.  Flour and Water.  This was so easy and so much fun.  I just put out a bunch of different size containers, cups of water, utensils and a bunch of flour.  Gigi got right into it.  Her favorite part was dumping the flour on the ground and moving it all around.  Image2.  Dried Pasta.  I did the same with dried pasta later today and that was an even bigger hit.  She played with the pasta for almost an hour!  She used measuring cups to pour the pasta from one container or pot to another.  Every ten minutes or so I would give her a different utensil or lid.  We did this one in the kitchen on the hardwood floor so it was a super easy clean up.  I’m trying to get her to keep everything in the containers, rather than the floor.  Still have some learning to do on that end.  I saved the pasta for another time.  We are definitely going to do this one again! Sorry, no pics.

3.  Shaving Cream in the Shower.  It took G a while to get into this one.  Though we do a lot of art, she’s not so keen on getting her fingers dirty.  Once she realized it wasn’t “dirty,” she loosened up and had some fun.  Image4.  Obstacle Course.  This was super fun.  First, I taught G the word over.  Then I set up some oversized old school Tinker Toys, compliments of the Rose Bowl.  She loved stepping over each one yelling “oba, oba, oba…”