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This is a toddler version of the original match game.  I made the backs match as well as the front so Gigi can match the pictures as well as the colors.  Mine got a little crazy with all the washi tape but you can do this with any kind of card stock.  You can even use an old deck of cards and glue the pics on the back.  I used a collage of instagram pics printed 2.5 x 2.5.  I cut the card stock 3 x 3.


Full disclosure, I ended up using a paper cutter because the scissor was too time consuming, but it would work fine if you don’t have a paper cutter.

Here are the steps:

1.  Print out photos you love 2.5 x 2.5.  Two of each.  I used 16 total.

2.  Cut out card stock squares 3 x 3.  Two of each color.

3.  Decorate the card stock with washi tape.  Trim the excess off the edges with a scissor or wrap the tape on the other side.  Do the same design on the matching colors.

4.  Glue the matching pics on the matching colors.

5.  Place all the cards picture side down and have your child try to match the pictures by turning them over.  They can also match the colors and designs.

Gigi liked sorting through the pile to find the matches.  It didn’t stay organized for long.  She’s only 20 months.   But still great for sorting, color recognition and fine motor.

I will probably end up laminating these at kinkos since Gigi’s hands are constantly dirty and I want them to last.


Everyone got in on the fun.