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I got this great idea from play create explore, a great blog with tons of ideas for little ones.  First, Gigi and I went on a nature hunt and collected some leaves and flowers, etc. When we got home I put contact paper over a piece of wood and thought she would love sticking the leaves on the board.  Yeah, she wasn’t into it at all.  So later that day I set her up with a bunch of craft supplies, determined to make this activity a success.  It looked like so much fun.  The crafts were way more successful.  I covered a tray in contact paper sticky side up.  I duct taped the back so it would stay on the tray.  I gave Gigi tons of supplies and just let her dump them and stick them all over the tray.  It wasn’t a lengthy process but she did enjoy it.


Afterwards, I covered the sticky part with another piece of contact paper, cut a heart border from construction paper and glued it onto the contact paper.  Then I just cut around it so it would take the shape of a heart.  We hung it on the back door and she loves it!  It looks really pretty through the window with the light coming in.  But then came the real fun.  While I sat admiring her artwork, Gigi discovered the glue stick and went to town.  She must have worked with the glue stick on a piece of paper for twenty minutes straight.  She loved it!  Funny, what you think will be such a hit takes all this prep and all the kid wants is a glue stick.  Well, good to know.