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self portrait paper cut outs second grade

This project was so much fun and the results are fantastic.  We needed to spice up our display for some written material in second grade.  It can be so boring to just see 8.5 x 11 papers hanging on a bulletin board.  We decided on a self portrait paper cut out that each child could make with their own traits and style.  I made a template the height of one poster board and cut it out.  Then I traced the templates onto poster board for each student.  The kids definitely could have done this part but we were in a time crunch so I  just let them cut out the tracings.  I used an exacto knife on the underarm part.  I also had templates for shirts, shorts, and skirts prepared.  About five of each.  We have a big class so I didn’t want kids to be waiting around.  I set out two craft paper pads and some construction paper and markers. From there, the kids just went to town.  One of my favorite parts of teaching is a room full of engaged students all busy at work doing their own thing.  The most wonderful creativity comes out.  Here are some of the self portraits from our second grade.  Their written material will be displayed as if they are holding it up to their chests on a bulletin board.  These are great for the beginning of the school year and then you can bring them out at the end of school for Back to School Night.

self portrait doll cut outs second grade

This is the sample I made of my own self portrait cut out doll to show the class as inspiration.  We all agreed it doesn’t look like me at all, but we still like her.

self portrait paper doll cutouts 2nd grade