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springtime diy bird mobileI love being a teacher.  I still get to have spring break!  One of my goals for vacation was to start and complete this bird mobile I’ve been wanting to do since Ev and I got married.  My friends and I had made almost 100 birds to hang from the trees at our rehearsal dinner.  The guests were invited to pick a bird and write a special message on the back; words of wisdom, advice, best wishes, that kind of thing.  This was one of my favorite parts of our wedding weekend.  My best friends were with me all morning hanging the birds.  We never thought we’d finish on time.  Of course we did, right under the wire and it was so much fun.  I’ve been saving the birds over the years trying to figure out what to do with them.  Now that we have little d, a mobile for her room seemed like a great idea.  I tried stringing them up a few different ways but in the end, scotch tape, some treated branches, crystal beads and fishing wire worked best.  I love how you can see the messages when the birds turn.  I keep rereading them.  I think my favorite is from one of Ev’s best friend from childhood.  He and his wife wrote three tidbits of advice.  1.  First class is always cheaper.  2.  Your wife is always right. and 3.  Separate bathrooms = Marital bliss.  Words to live by.

diy bird mobile As soon as Ev hangs the mobile in d’s room I’ll post some more pics.

diy springtime bird mobileBird Mobilelast pic by Artbar Blog