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Stay Gold Stenciled T-shirt for Kidscontact paper stenciled tees - stay goldI’ve been wanting to make Gigi a Stay Gold tee ever since a friend commented on the pic below that she looks like she’s about to be in a revised version of The Outsiders.  I thought it was such a funny comment and this picture totally captures Gigi’s personality.  I wasn’t sure how to do it until my friend Lauren (big shout out!) suggested contact paper.  What an easy way to make stencils.  I wanted the font to look like it was carved into a bathroom stall in a high school somewhere, so I used a box cutter to make the stencil.  I’m really happy with the way it came out.  I ended up making one for D too.

contact paper stenciled tees - stay goldHere’s how you do it.  Tape a piece of contact paper to cardboard, or a cutting mat.  Cut out the stencil you want with a knife or box cutter.  Cut a box around the stencil so you can fit it on the tee or whatever you’re stenciling.  Place a piece of cardboard inside the tee so the paint doesn’t seep through.  Paint inside the stencil.  I used Tulip Gold Glitter Fabric Paint for mine.  You have to wait 4 hours to take off the stencil and then another 72 hours before washing it.  I haven’t washed mine yet.  So we’ll see how that goes.  The paint didn’t seep through at all or bleed around the edges.  I used it twice so far and it’s still sticky.  I think I want to get some totes or bandanas to stencil on as well.  Stay Gold everybody.

contact paper stenciled tees - stay gold