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sculpey magnet peopleI was searching for projects for my sculpey class and I came across this link. I was inspired by the little guy’s face in the middle and thought he needed some buddies.  I made a sample and sure enough the kids in my class were inspired as well.  I love the babies they made.  On the back is a small round magnet so they can go right on the fridge.  So cute.

sculpey magnet peoplesculpey magnet peepsMy class has an age range from 5 to 10.  Everyone was successful.  We first made a ball for the face, followed by flattened balls for the eyes and skinny snakes for the mouths.  The nose is a ball of sorts.  The kids had free range on the hair.  Most of them tried to create mini versions of themselves.  It was fun trying to get the hair to look curly.

sculpey magnet people