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washi tape heart door knob dangleI’ve accumulated a nice collection of cardboard cutouts over the years from teachers that bought them and then decided they didn’t want them, so they gave them to me.  Score.  I finally got around to using them at art camp this week to make door signs and doorknob dangles.  I made these for my girl’s bedroom doors.  The campers made door signs I’ll post about tomorrow.  Both were super easy and fun.  Kid Made Modern came out with their own version of washi you can buy at Target.  It’s really easy to rip and pretty cheap, especially compared to real washi. We used that tape mostly and I mixed in some of my own washi tape I found here on etsy.  Just place tape over the cut out and cut off the extra from the back side.

washi tape heart door knob dangleThen glue on your name or initials with letters (these wood ones are available at Michaels), whole punch and tie on a string.  So sweet.

washi tape heart door knob dangle