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painting on styrofoam for toddlersI am done throwing away styrofoam.  This stuff is so awesome for art and play.  You can paint it, poke it, glue it, and who knows what.  For play group last week Ev was kind enough to create this little styrofoam sculpture after I failed miserably and the head kept falling off.  I set out some paints, spray bottles with water and food coloring and some nancy bottles (my fav) and then this happened.  I plan for it to be an ongoing toddler experience.  I’m thinking next week I’ll set it out with some glue and collage materials.  I’m curious to see how far we can take it.  I have this vision of a fully realized garden medusa woman sprouting all kinds of flowers from her head.  We’ll see if the kid’s vision matches my own.  I’m guessing they’ll likely come up with something better than I can imagine.  In the meantime, stage one was super fun.  

painting on styrofoam for toddlerspainting on styrofoam for toddlerspainting on styrofoam for toddlerspainting on styrofoam for toddlersI am so grateful to have this incredible space to invite kids over to play in.  This little guy manned the door of the playhouse the entire morning.  He loved it.  Thank you so much to my husband Ev and Uncle Teddy for creating such an amazing play space and thanks to my friend Lisa for lending me her iphone when my camera broke.

  painting on styrofoam for toddlersReggio Inspired Art Playhouse for Little Ones