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a magical fairy teepeeA friend recently gave me a metal canopy from CVS.  It’s one of those 30 dollar ones that comes with a million poles you have to put together.  I was hoping to use it for shade at play group.  Flor and I took one look at all the poles and just started laughing.  There was no way we were going to be able to put it together.  So, plan b.  We used about half the amount of poles and put up an impromptu pyramid shape.  There is no how to on this.  We randomly attached different poles and sort of hoped for the best.  I had bought a million yards of cheese cloth for Gigi’s first birthday that I never used and thought it would be perfect for a teepee.  We draped it over the poles and secured it with duct tape and clothespins.  We used golf tees to secure the ends into the dirt.  I reused the insulation I got at Home Depot for last play group as the floor.  It fit so well with the ethereal look of the teepee.  Lastly, we hung a wired flower structure of sorts I picked up at a Free People sale.  It looked so pretty dangling from the center.  Let’s just say, my girls went bonkers over this teepee.  D crawled around and around the silver floor at a speed I didn’t know was legal for a baby.  She was hysterical.  Gigi just kept jumping up and down saying “oh my gosh, oh  my gosh!”  It was amazing.

backyard teepee playThen they just sat in front of the teepee for 20 minutes dancing and singing and laughing.  I nearly died.  We kept it up for a week and now I’m wishing it was still there.  The photo ops were pretty insane and play group loved it too.  I don’t know if it was the pretty colors or just having something cave like to go into, but this teepee really felt like magic.  At any moment I expected a colony of fairies to move in with tiny little suitcases.

backyard teepee playBackyard teepee playteepee6a magical fairy teepee