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make a recycled hanukkah garlandWith Hanukkah fast approaching, I busted out the Hanukkah Dreidel Garland I made with my kindergarten class a few years ago.  It’s a little banged up but still going strong.  I gave the kids templates of a dreidel and they traced them onto recycled shopping bags.  It fees so good to reuse these paper bags.  They really accumulate, especially since I constantly forget our reusable ones in the car! After we cut out the dreidel shapes I put out different scraps of paper, scissors, glue and markers to make characters from the dreidels.  It was really fun and a big hit with the kids.  I attached the dreidels together with the bag handles and tape on the back of the garland.  Really simple.  A super fun and environmentally friendly holiday craft project.  Woo hoo!

dreidela3Here is a list of other Hanukkah craft projects you might want to try out this year or check out my Hanukkah craft list from a few years back.  You can see old pics of this garland when it was all shiny and new.

1.  Make a dreidel abstract art mural from cut out dreidels and other odds and ends on clear contact paper taped up the wall.  (sticky side up)

2.  If you have tons of your child’s art laying around and don’t know what to do with it, you can cut it into Hanukkah shapes like a menorah, dreidel or candles and hang on the wall.

3.  Make a menorah from clay, candles and different gems and feathers.  This might be especially fun or Thanksgivikah this year.  The feathers can represent a turkey.

4.  Make a dreidel necklace from sculpey.

5.  Create a felt story board with Hanukkah symbols to tell the story of the Festival of Lights.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hanukkah Dreidel Garland from Recycled Shopping BagsHanukkah Dreidel Garland from Recycled Shopping Bags