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Mirror Art Activity for ToddlersI bought this wall mirror at a local thrift store for five dollars.  It’s been sitting by the side of our house for months, when finally I was inspired to set it up for the girls.  Turns out mirror art is soooo much fun!  I duct taped the mirror to our coffee table because coffee tables are the perfect height for toddlers.  We use ours all the time for art play dates.  After the mirror was secured to the table, I set some paint brush sharpies on the table and that was the end of my involvement besides taking pictures for the next thirty minutes.  My girls loved this!  Both of them! Any sharpies will do, but the paint brush ones happen to be really fun to work with.  You could also use dry erase markers which would wipe off way easier.  Sharpies wipe off mirror but it takes a little elbow grease for sure.  Regardless, this was super fun and I know they will love to do it again.

Mirror Art Activity for ToddlersMirror Art Activity for ToddlersMirror Art Activity for ToddlersMirror Art Activity for kids with sharpiesTowards the very end, I drew some circles on the mirror and my oldest, Gigi, added onto the circle which made for some great conversation and purposeful drawing practice.  Beyond that, they were content as could be just making their marks all over the mirror independently and as a mom of two little ones, I definitely welcome independent time!  Such a big working space was a great help for that.  Go big or go home.

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