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Random Acts of Kindness Heart ProjectMake someone feel special today with this simple art project for kids.

Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindness Week? Yup, it is. So, for sculpey enrichment class this week I tried to do something inspiring with the kids  that was open ended and fun for everyone.  Making little sculpey hearts and handing them out to friends was the perfect thing.

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Random Acts of Kindness Heart ProjectMaterials


My secret weapon craft machine

heart stamper


Random Acts of Kindness Heart Project

My favorite saying in sculpey class is “A little goes a long way.”  It’s a mantra I have the kids repeat so they don’t try to use too much sculpey in one class period.  That stuff is expensive! So, for sculpey class this week, we took all of our left over sculpey, put it through my no fail secret weapon that all kids love,  the craft machine (sort of like a pasta maker) and used a heart stamper to make tons and tons of beautiful little marbled hearts.  I quickly baked them so the kids could hand them out to their friends and family or secretly hide them in random places for a great surprise.  I was so touched over how  excited  the kid’s became over this idea.  They made tons and tons of hearts.  One third grader, after making every member of his class a heart, said “I’m so glad we’re doing this.”  He got a heart from me for that comment.

Random Acts of Kindness Heart Project

This is such a nice project.  I’ve been slipping hearts into pockets, onto keyboards, and in purses all day.  I love the idea of an unexpected little gift, something small and pretty.  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  What’s something small you can do for someone else to spread the love this week?  No sculpey necessary.  A little note with kind words would be perfect.  Or how about putting quarters in random meters.  Or picking a bouquet of flowers (it’s so warm in LA right now!) and handing them out at work or your local super market.  It’s amazing how once I started a few random acts of kindness, it felt so good I didn’t want to stop.  I’ve got to make some more hearts!

Random Acts of Kindness Heart ProjectRandom Acts of Kindness Heart Project

Happy Kindness Week everyone.  May it be filled with small surprises that fill your heart and remember, a little goes a long way.

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