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Spring Watercolor Flowers Art Activity for kids

Spring is almost here and even though we live in LA where it’s been 80 degrees for the past month, we’re super excited.  I’m also really excited because today launches a great art series called Easy Art Projects for Kids I’m doing with some really special kid art bloggers.  Each month we are going to pick a different art material and experiment with it to bring you some amazing ideas to do with your children.  This month is art material is watercolors.  We made these beautiful spring paper flowers from liquid watercolors, droppers and spray bottles.  We glued them together by small, medium and big to create layered flowers that look gorgeous hanging on the wall.  Spring is definitely in the air.

Watercolor Flowers Toddler Art ActivityWatercolor Flowers Toddler Art Activity

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Liquid watercolors, spray bottles, watercolor paper, liquid droppers

First I put some liquid watercolors in a recycled plastic apple container.  I had precut a bunch of flowers from heavy watercolor paper in different sizes.  The kids got to pick from a pile of paper flowers which one they wanted to use.  They dropped the liquid watercolors onto the flowers and watched as the colors bubbled and lay on top of the paper.  They could use the droppers as pens and scratch across the flower creating a neat writing affect.  They could also use their fingers to move the paint around.  This technique was quite popular with my one year old.  

Watercolor Flowers Toddler Art Activity

After moving the paint around the flower and using the droppers for a while, I suggested the flowers might be thirsty.  I had several spray bottles on hand to feed the flowers with.  The girls loved this part.  They sprayed the flowers over and over and watched the colors as they absorbed into the watercolor paper.  New colors formed as the colors bled together.  There was also a beautiful “firework” affect that took place from the spray of the spray bottles.  If you’re kids are a little older, there is so much to notice with this activity.  You definitely want to give it a try.  It’s a great introduction to watercolors on many levels.

Watercolor Flowers Toddler Art ActivityWatercolor Flowers Toddler Art ActivityWatercolor Flowers Toddler Art Activity

After we thoroughly sprayed our flowers, the girls were quite happy to spray everything else in sight, including a vase of flowers I had set up close to our art table.  With older kids I would have taken some more time to notice the shapes and colors of the real flowers and then used that to segue into the paper flowers.  These toddlers were too anxious to get started.  You can also let older kids draw and cut their own flowers, which they’d really enjoy.  This would add a great study in shapes, along with all the fine motor building skills.

Spring watercolor flower art for toddlers

The last steps were to hang the flowers up to dry and glue the different sizes together.  I loved hanging the flowers.  That was my favorite part.  Why does everything look so pretty on a clothesline?  It gets me every time.  Anyway, it was sunny out and the flowers dried really quickly.  We had a quick snack and then we were able to glue the flowers by small medium and large on top of each other.  Again, with older kids this can be a lesson in itself.  With the little ones I just used the vocabulary and guided them with the glueing.  We hung our paper flowers up in our art playhouse to big oohs and ahhs.  This was a really nice project and great introduction to liquid watercolors, which I am a huge fan of.

Watercolor Flowers Toddler Art ActivityWatercolor Flowers Toddler Art ActivityWatercolor Flowers Toddler Art Activity

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Spring watercolor flower art for toddlersWatercolor Flowers Toddler Art Activity

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