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Crayon Art SculptureEvery two weeks some blogger friends of mine get together for an art series that explores a different art material or art process.  Last month we tried fabric resist art and this month we are working with crayons.  I’m so excited by this crayon art sculpture.  It is such an easy art project for kids.  All you need is a box of crayons (paper wrapper must remain on) and a glue gun.  At first I felt bad about “ruining” a new box of crayons,  but then I decided there are all different purposes for things and if no one ever tried using things in a different way, the world would be pretty limited.  So, here’s my take on exploring with crayons.

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Crayon Art SculptureCrayon Art SculptureCrayon Art SculptureYou will need…


any kind of crayons with the wrapper (like the freebies from restaurants!)

a low temp glue gun (these are way cheaper at Michaels and other craft stores but in case you don’t have one near you)

a small piece of cardboard or wood block

That’s it!

If you’ve read my blog before you may have noticed that I am a huge advocate of children working with real tools. I think it is an essential aspect to raising confident and capable little beings.  low temperature glue gluons can be purchased at almost any craft store and are a fantastic exploration tool.  Everyone has their own comfort level with things like this.  Please make sure your child is closely supervised when using a glue gun.  I’d say this project is best for 4 and up.  Since my girls are toddlers, I made this sculpture while they napped.  (sorry girls) I would love to give a box of crayons and glue guns to a table of 4-18 year olds and see what they come up with.  A collaborative sculpture would be so cool! The possibilities are endless!

Crayon Art SculptureCrayon Art SculptureOne of the greatest things about this art sculpture is that it was super easy.  I cut out a cardboard base from an old box and started glueing crayons to the base with a glue gun.  I had to hold each crayon in position for five seconds to wait for the glue to dry.  The sculpture is surprisingly sturdy.  Once I started I kept going until I used all 64 crayons in the box.  That felt important to me for some reason, like it was less wasteful if I used the whole box.  Does that make sense?  I think it felt more purposeful that way.  Of course, kids don’t have to do that.  Mini sculptures would be great too! The colors are so beautiful, it’s pretty much a guaranteed success project.  I’d love to see a rainbow crayon sculpture or one in only reds or only yellows.  I may have started my next obsession.  The most important thing is you can’t do this without the paper on the crayons.  Trust me, I tried family crayon sculpture art with unwrapped crayons first and it definitely did not work.  The glue in the glue gun resists the wax of the crayon making it really difficult to work with, at least for this purpose.

Crayon Art SculptureCrayon Art SculptureCrayon Art SculptureGigi was totally fascinated when she woke up and saw the sculpture.  It was pretty cool.  This is definitely something I’d try again.  I’d love to make it a birthday party project when my girls get a little older.  It would be amazing to see this on a large scale too.  How about it Crayola?  Want to commission me to make a large scale Crayon Art Sculputre?  10,000 crayons should do it?  Who’s in?

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