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Fabric Clothesline - Invitation to Play for Kids | Meri Cherry Blog The other day I was driving back to work from my weekly hangout at our local library,  and accidentally took a wrong turn.  I ended up on some random side street that I never drive on and I noticed some boxes on the side of the road filled with color.  I pulled over and someone had left three boxes of art supplies on the curb for someone to take.  It was AWESOME and really strange because, well, that’s like my dream come true.  One box was all different kinds of paper and the other two were filled with a tons of different types of fabric, including felt, silk and cottons.  I packed up my trunk, waved a happy little thank you hand to the curb and hightailed it back to work.  Ordinarily I would think that was totally strange but since I’m doing the Artist’s Way for the second time, it’s kind of par for the course, which is totally amazing.  Seriously, if you are looking to tap into some majorly synchronistic energy and give yourself the biggest gift ever, then read the Artist’s Way.  It’s freaking amazing and I am so into it.  Anyway, back to the fabric.  I’ve been really wanting to use fabric as an invitation to play ever since I saw this post by Paint on the Ceiling so we gave a fabric clothesline a chance and it was a total hit!  

Invitation to Play with FabricInvitation to Play with FabricInvitation to Play with FabricI love feeling, folding, and creating with fabric.  I love the idea of introducing fabric to my girls at an early age as something fun to play with and explore.  On a whim I tied a clothesline up in our backyard and pinned up some fabrics that I thought looked pretty.  When the girls woke up from their naps I just kind of waited to see what would happen.  Their response was priceless.  Gigi immediately ran back and forth through the fabric bubbling with glee.  D wants to do everything Gigi does, so she was quick to follow along.  They had the best time together running, hiding and even snacking in the fabric.  Just what I hoped would happen, did.  And if you do a lot of invitations to play with toddlers you know how unusual that can be.

Invitation to Play with FabricInvitation to Play with FabricInvitation to Play with FabricIt always strikes me how it’s almost always the most simple, inexpensive activities that are the biggest hits with kids.  Water in a bucket is probably still my girls all time favorite activity.  So, next time you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your children, hang a rope, add some sheets or large pieces of fabric with clothespins and get ready to see some smiles.  They’ll love it!  Maybe next time we’ll do the whole backyard!

Invitation to Play with FabricInvitation to Play with Fabric Invitation to Play with Fabric