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Father's Day Art and FatherhoodI can’t start this post any other way than to say I have an amazing husband.  After years of bad dates and toxic relationships, I found the man of my dreams, only I had no idea.  I really didn’t get how amazing Ev was in the beginning.  I didn’t realize that easy, secure, kind, incredibly kind, were attributes I should be looking for in a partner.  I know that sounds crazy, but I really didn’t get it. I missed the memo.  So when Ev and I first started dating it took me a while to get how amazing I had it.  Now, 7 years later, with two girls 16 months apart, oh, I get it.  I get it in big time.

Father's Day Art and FatherhoodThis past Father’s Day the girls surprised Ev with a collage they made using layers of watercolors, balloon painting art, and pictures.  It came out kind of crazy, and probably not what Ev had in mind when he requested some art for the bathroom for Father’s Day, but he’d never let on.  He is so gracious and caring and careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings, a family trait I have learned to truly cherish and admire over the years.

Father's Day Art and FatherhoodFather's Day Art and FatherhoodMy husband is the kind of dad that makes his girls feel like they are the most beautiful, capable and intelligent girls on the planet, because he genuinely believes this to be true. Ev makes me feel like it’s ok to make a million mistakes because he is so strong and so centered that I know my girls will be solid because of him.

Father's Day Art and FatherhoodI’m not exactly sure why I felt the pull to write about my husband today.  Maybe because he never asks for any attention and he deserves it.  Maybe I just wanted a keepsake of these moments, these precious moments that go by so quickly.  Maybe I want all the girls out there to know that there are good men out there who will love you, and won’t judge you and will pick up your shoes when you leave them all around the house.

Father's Day Art and FatherhoodFather's Day Art and FatherhoodFather's Day Art and FatherhoodMaybe this isn’t a post about fatherhood and more about gratitude.  I am so grateful to this man and the family we’ve created together.  I am so grateful that when the girls fall and get hurt, they run to their daddy for the tender hugs and bandaid kisses.  I am so grateful that everyday  I know I have a partner I can count on that has my best interest at heart.

Father's Day Art and FatherhoodParenting, and being an adult in general, is so hard.  I wish for all of you reading this, love and support from someone special.  A man, woman, child, that loves you and cherishes you and makes your life a whole lot easier.  Happy belated Father’s Day.  I love you Ev.

Father's Day Art and Fatherhood