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Simple Tissue Paper Flower Art for KidsNot long before the school year ended, I got to sub in kindergarten for a few days.  It was so much fun. I used to teach kindergarten for years before becoming an art and craft specialist.  I was anxious to get the kids creating right away, so we started our day with a super simple tissue paper flower making craft.  I love this activity because it’s open ended and there are so many discoveries throughout the process.  It’s also great for kids of all abilities.  Everybody is successful, which is my kind of project.

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Simple Tissue Paper Flower Art for KidsHere’s what you will need.

white glue, a bowl, a paintbrush, cut up tissue paper in different shapes, and a white piece of paper.  I like this paper a lot.  It’s stronger than other brands.

Add a little glue and water, not too much water, to a bowl.  The water allows for the glue to spread easily and also creates an interesting effect on the tissue paper.  Talk about flowers, maybe show some examples of flowers in a vase, or read a book about flowers.  Kids always like this one.  Then, invite your child to create their own flower garden on the paper.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  We had kids use so many different techniques.  Some kids ripped the tissue paper to make petals, while other kids glued on light blue tissue paper to the sky and lifted it up leaving the dye of the tissue paper.  It was such a fun discovery.

Simple Tissue Paper Flower Art for KidsSimple Tissue Paper Flower Art for KidsI really liked doing this with a group of children because the creativity fed off each idea.  It was really fun.

Simple Tissue Paper Flower Art for KidsSimple Tissue Paper Flower Art for KidsThe light and dark tissue paper made this great crackled look when it was really saturated with the watery glue.  Isn’t it pretty?

Simple Tissue Paper Flower Art for Kidstissuepaperart8I also love this idea because you can do lots of extensions with it.  Maybe you can create one big garden mural on butcher paper.  Or maybe add butterflies in a different medium like pipe cleaners, on top.  Get creative, or leave it to your kids.  They’ll take care of the creativity for you.

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