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Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyThis Halloween art project is AMAZING.   Let me preface with I don’t even like Halloween.  Before kids I was game to turn out all the lights and pretend I wasn’t home during trick or treat hours.  Shameful but true.  Now with two little ones totally obsessed with bones, princess costumes and monsters, it’s time to join the Pumpkin Party.  So, this week in art class I invited the kids to create their own pumpkin masterpieces with tinker trays and what transpired over the next hour nearly made me jump out of my own skin. You have to try this.

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Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyHow to throw a Halloween Pumpkin Party -  Design your own pumpkins with kidsHalloween art project for kids - Pumpkin Party Tinker TraysI mean, just look at this creations!  Each and every single pumpkin was more alive and interesting and innovative than the next.  I was totally blown away.

Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyEveryone started out with their own tinker tray filled with all kinds of great supplies for experimentation and creativity.  I used these paint trays which had the perfect little wells for the materials.  There were rubber bands, tacks, pins, adhesive rhinestones, sequins, wire, glitter glue, glitter, tape, toothpicks, brads and beads.  I had no preconceived notions about any of the materials or the ways the kids might use them.  I showed them three things before we started.  1. How different objects may or may not stick into the pumpkins, therefore they may need glue.  2.  Safety tips with the tacks and pins.  3.  A few sharing techniques in case they ran out of a material that someone else had.  I always like to set the tone of a kind, community building class right from the get go so everyone knows the expectations on how we treat each other during class. Then they were off.

Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyThe concentration and focus was palpable.  They were in a tinkering zone like no other.  I couldn’t stop taking photos and smiling and at times laughing, because the ideas were just so good.  Every pumpkin had such distinct characteristics and personality.  I  love each and every one.

Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyThe one above reminds me of the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.  Can you see it?  So sweet and lovable.

Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyThis one really rocked my world.  The artist had the idea of putting two pumpkins together with toothpicks.  The effect was so striking.  If I could name it, I’d call it Frankenpumpkin.  I love the way he used the pins and the rubber bands.

Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyThe kids in the class were all five, with the exception of one three year old who went on a glitter bender like no other.  If you want to get in really good with kids, let them use glitter.  You’ll be bff’s in no time.  We did all the glitter work at a separate table over trays.  I must admit, it was a bit anxiety provoking watching the kids have almost free reign over the glitter but hey, you only live once.  I taught them to hold the bottle and tap it best I could, but clearly the taps were a bit less gentle than my demonstration.

Overall, I would rate this Halloween art project a perfect ten.  It was so much fun, open ended and totally engaging.  Everyone absolutely loved it.  So invite all your friends over, make up some trays and have a pumpkin party! It will be a major hit! To read more about Tinker Trays click here.  I’m a huge fan.  Thanks for reading along and Happy Halloween!

Halloween art project for kids - Pumpkin PartyHalloween art project for kids - Pumpkin Party