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Toddler Masterpiece Canvas ArtMy youngest, D, turned two yesterday.  In ways she’s grown up so fast and in others, she’s still such a little baby.  I was looking through some old pics and found these beautiful shots of some canvas art she made over a few weeks last fall.  I’m sure Gigi helped with it here and there but mostly, this toddler masterpiece is from my D.  This blog is meant to inspire parents to do more art with their family.  It’s also a way I can capture artful moments of our lives in a living journal of sorts.  These are the moments I want to look back on.  The crying and sleepless nights won’t matter in twenty years when my girls are finishing up college (ahh!).  So, Happy Birthday to my little/big girl.  I love you so much Diana Cherry.

Toddler Masterpiece Canvas ArtToddler Masterpiece Canvas ArtI’ve talked about evolving canvases a lot in the past.  You can read a detailed tutorial here.  Evolving canvases are a staple in our house.  We have amassed quite a collection.  Fortunately we have an art playhouse to put them all up in, though I want to bring one or two into the house.  This one especially is gorgeous.

Toddler Masterpiece Canvas ArtHope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying special moments with their family.  xo Meri

ps If you like this project I invite you to check out this ebook I contributed to.  You can read about it here. It’s full of great process art ideas for little kids.

Toddler Masterpiece Canvas Art