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DIY Santa Binoculars - Where is that guy?Five senses Christmas SeriesI’m so excited to be part of a new holiday craft series based on the five senses.  Once a week for the next five weeks I will share a Christmas holiday craft related to one of the five senses with five other awesome kid bloggers.  We are kicking off the series with SIGHT.  Check out these super EASY diy Santa Claus binoculars.  Where is that guy anyway?  Keep on reading to find out how to make this simple holiday craft and who knows, maybe you and your kids will find Santa this year.

DIY Santa Binoculars - Where is that guy?
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2 toilet paper rolls, red felt, white santa fur, glue gun, yarn or string, black and gold washi tape optional  *For the white santa fur part you can also buy a cheap mini santa hat like this one and cut it.  That’s what I did.

Here are the easy directions.  The first step is to cut two strips of red felt to the width of the toilet paper rolls.  Make sure you leave enough length to go all the way around the tube.  Put a little glue from the glue gun on the tp roll in a line from side to side and stick on the felt.  Then roll the felt all around and glue at the end.  Do that to both of the toilet paper rolls.  Cut two small strips of the santa fur about an inch wide.  Again, make sure they are long enough to cover the circumference of the roll.  Glue those onto the rolls.  Then glue the two rolls together with the glue gun. Take a piece of yarn or string and cut it to the desired length for your child.  Glue each end into the inside of the tp rolls.  If you want a nice finishing touch you can put black washi tape above the white fur on both rolls and a little square of gold on top of that.  I cut a tiny strip of the black to make it look like Santa’s belt.  You can leave this part off and they will still look super cute.

Five senses Christmas Series

That’s it! Now give them to your little one and go find Santa.

How to make your own Santa Claus BinocularsMaybe you can go on a Santa scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.  If you are lucky you might see some Santa decorations around your town.  You can bring a clipboard, paper and pen and tally mark every time you find Santa if your child is old enough.  Or, save the Santa Finders for Christmas Eve and stake out by the fireplace.  You never know what you might see.

How to make your own Santa Claus BinocularsJust have a good time.  These are really fun and simple to make.  To see some more Christmas crafts check out these marbled ornaments you can make with your kids and this process Christmas art tutorial.  I also have a bunch of hanukkah crafts like dreidel art and a hanukah garland.  To read more SIGHT related Christmas crafts check out these great bloggers…

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DIY Santa Binoculars - Where is that guy?