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Make your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsOh, this was so much fun! I’ve joined up with my fellow RAMS (Rockin Art Moms) to bring you a fabulously fun gift wrapping ideas for the holidays.  We all got together to share some of our favorite DIY wrapping paper techniques.  There are some seriously talented moms in this group!  Speaking of which, I saw this Picture Frame Wallpaper post by The Artful Parent and thought it was so cool.  I decided to make my own version with wrapping paper.  Here’s my tutorial (it’s so easy I promise! even for the non crafty mamas!!!) and then scroll down for the links to all the other RAM posts.  So excited to share these with all of you!

Make your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsFirst you’ll need a recycled paper bag from the market.  If you’re anything like me you have, let’s say, 1000 because you forget your reusable bags every single time by the door.  Grrr.  Anyhoo, that’s another story.  Once you have your brown paper bag cut it along the seems so you have two big pieces attached to each handle.  Then find a pen or a sharpie or a regular old black marker and draw frames all over the blank side of the paper.  I’m talking easy, don’t have to be perfect at all, frames.  In fact, the less perfect the better.  It adds charm.

Make your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsMake your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsThen you have two choices.  You can either give the framed up paper to your kids and let them go at it or you can wrap your presents first and attach some coloring utensils to the wrapping.  I tried both.  My kids are young so though I LOVE LOVE LOVE their art, you know I do, it wasn’t exactly the look I was going for.  Soooo….

Make your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsI made another one and wrapped up some future presents for these guys.  I had a little tassel from a crafting session that never made it to an actual post, at least not yet, so I tied that on and found some cutie little pencils to go in it.

Make your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsGigi was desperate to get her hands on that wrapping paper.  She wanted in big time.  So I let her.  What the heck.

Make your own holiday wrapping paper for little artistsIf you don’t have a tassel you can easily just tape some crayons or markers or colored pencils to the paper.  It would still look really cute.  And then give the gift of art to someone you love.

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