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10 must have gifts for little BallerinasIf you’ve ever popped by my instagram feed you know that my girls are OBSESSED with being ballerinas.  It’s really my 3 and a half year old and then it trickles down to my 2 year old.  Regardless of who is leading who, these little girls love to be ballerinas, wear tutus and dance their little hearts out.  It’s kind of the best. I don’t know what I’d do if I had two boys obsessed with trucks or something.  Ballet is something I can totally get into too and I do.  I’m a sucker for little ballerina gifts and have bought way too many tutus over the years.  I figure, if nothing else, I can pass on my ballerina knowledge to you.  Here are my best pics for must have gifts for little ballerinas.

10 must have gifts for little Ballerinas*This post contains affiliate links.

1. The Nutcracker and Swan Lake – We’ve watched both of these like 1000 times.  My girls love both of these ballets.  I love that they are being exposed to beautiful music that inspires them.  We set up a dance stage in the living room and play these gorgeous symphonies and the girls go wild.  I took Gigi to see The Nutrcracker last year and just got tickets again for this year.  So excited!

2. Ballet Slippers – Of course, every ballerina has to have a little pink pair of ballet shoes.  We like these the best.  They stay on well, last a long time and are comfy.

3.  The perfect tutu – There are a million tutus out there.  I’m a sucker for the classics but I also love this gorgeous tutu.

4.  Ballerina Handbag – My girls love theirs so much that it’s frayed and torn from use.  They take it everywhere and rock it over the shoulder like a messenger bag and I melt all over the place.  I had this one as a kid and LOVED it as another option.

5.  Leotards – I’m a sucker for this classic leotard and this one but there are tons of more glittery ballerinatastic ones like this ballet party dress.

10 must have gifts for little Ballerinas6.  A Ballerina Cosutme – Because even though I would be ecstatic if they wore  plain leotards everyday with tights and leg warmers, little girls love the fluffy, taffeta, ruffly stuff, so here you go girls.

7.  Leg Warmers – My grandma made really nice ones for my girls and I freak out whenever they wear them.  Here’s a tutorial on how to make them and here’s a cute pair you can buy.

8.  A Ballet Poster and Ballerina Wall Decals – I’ve been wanting to get Gigi a ballet poster.  It’s so hard to chose though.  I need to sit down with her and show her all the choices.  In the meantime the decals are really great.

10 must have gifts for little Ballerinas9.  Ballerina Books – Here are a few we love

Angelina Ballerina

Olivia the Ballerina

Ella Bella Ballerina and Swan Lake

10.  A Ballerina Jewelry Box or Music Box – Both my girls go nuts for their jewelry/music box.  We have the music box and they love love love it.  They put all kinds of things in there.  It is not limited to jewelry.  The other day I found D’s paci collection in her box.  Oy a yoy.

10 must have gifts for little BallerinasThese next four things we don’t have but I am highly considering getting at least one of them. I think they’d all be a pretty big hit for any little ballerina, don’t you?

11.  Ballet Slippers Night Light

12.  Ballerina Tea Set

13. Degas Note Cards

14. Ballerina Calendar – I have to get this!

So that’s my list of must haves for the little ballerinas in your life.  Did I leave anything out?  I’d love any great recommendations! Clearly I have a shopping problem.  But soon it’s Black Friday so there will be some great deals out there for sure.  Happy shopping.  Meri

10 must have gifts for little Ballerinas