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The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 2014Woah.  It’s 2015 in almost 24 hours.  How did this happen??!  I don’t know.  But I do know that we’ve shared some super fun art ideas and art projects for kids this past year so I thought I’d put them all together in one place to make life easier.  I’ve definitely had some misses (like this one was pretty questionable for sure.)  But so many have been great.  I’ve learned a TON and as I reflect on the last year, it’s fun to remember some of the projects that really added so much joy and creativity to our year.  I hope you’re inspired to try some new crafty things in 2015.  I am in the process of planning a killer itinerary of ideas that will help not just the moms who feel comfortable with glitter and glue, but the non crafty moms, to get crafty with their kids.  Especially the non crafty moms! For now, here are some of our favorite art filled ideas and projects from 2014.

10 Art Secrets Every Parent Should Know1.  10 Art Secrets Every Parent Should Know – This is the post I am most proud of from this year.  It took me forever to write and even when I look back at it now I say to myself, “dang, those are some good freakin tips.”

2.  How to Organize Your Art Supplies – This post is just really helpful.  It’s come from years and years of trial and error collecting/hoarding art supplies.

3.  5 Tips to Creating an Art Space for Kids – This is the kind of stuff I love to blog about.  It’s fun for me to do and I love knowing that I might be helping someone somewhere and inspiring them to bring more art into their child’s life.

Crayon Art Sculpture - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 20144.  Crayon Art Sculpture – This is my second fav post.  It’s part of a series I did with some other amazing bloggers where we focused on different materials each month.  This one was crayons, clearly.  I really wanted to do something out of the box.  Take a look.  That’s just what I did.  Straight out of the box.

5.  Glow in the Dark Dancing Ballerina Tutu – This was just really really fun.  If you have a ballerina in your life, this tutu is the jam.

Evolving Canvas Art for Toddlers - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 20146.  Evolving Canvas Art – This is a Meri Cherry staple.  Our playhouse is lined with evolving canvases that are fit for any museum.  (okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but they really are gorgeous.  look at this one!) I give a step by step tutorial to make this amazing and worthwhile process art a little less intimidating to those of us out there wanting to be creative with our kids but seriously afraid of the mess.  Check it out.

Spin Art Rocks - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 20147.  Spin Art Rocks – Yeah, these were amazing.  Every kid I introduced to the art of spin art, loved it, and the rocks were the perfect unusual platform.  This is a fantastic mess free way to get creative with kids.  See the full post here.

Reggio Inspired Self Portraits - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 20148.  Reggio Inspired Self Portraits – This whole process, from mixing the paints, to checking the mirror, to beading the handles, is just so much fun.  I’ll never forget how proud the kids were of their self-portraits.  This is a great worthwhile project and a really nice keepsake for moms and dads.

9.  Gratitude Boxes – I just am in love with these and feel really proud of all the kids that made them.  Check out the tutorial here.

Painting Wall for Toddlers - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 201410.  Painting Wall for Toddlers – This was fun that lasted all summer long.  Can’t wait to bring it out next summer.  See what this cool wall is made out of here.

11.  My Favorite Art Supply List – I’m working on putting this into a pdf so it’s easy peasy to download, but in the meantime, here you go.  These supplies will make any kids smile hard.

Resist Art Pillows - The best art ideas and art projects for kids of 201412.  Fabric Resist Art Pillows – I never get tired of this image.  We have both of these pillows out in the living room and they are just so well loved.  So is Daddy.

So there you go.  12 great art ideas and art projects from 2014.  It’s been a fantastic year.  I absolutely fell in love with blogging and I am so grateful to all of you for reading along, asking questions, giving me feedback and saying hello.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015! Let’s do this! xoxoxoxo Meri

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