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Meri Cherry Art Studio for kidsAs a blogger and obsessive photo taker, it’s rare that I’m ever in the picture myself.  On one hand I am relieved.  I rarely do my hair and I don’t have to worry I’m still in my pjs surrounded by a major crafting session.  But when I look back and find the rare photo of me with my girls or the even more rare pic of me alone, I take pause and sort of gaze.  Life can be so crazy as an adult, partner and parent.  It’s really nice to take a moment and see myself, in the midst of it all.  The other day we had a play date with a new special friend, Morgan, and her beautiful daughter.  Morgan is the amazing photographer behind Morgan Pansing and the wonderfully sincere and engaging writer at Happily Ever Present.  We’re actually teaming up for something totally fabulous but that’s all hush hush for now.  In the meantime, I’m so grateful she was able to capture these moments of me with my girls and me alone, just being in the midst of it all.  Thank you Morgan and here’s to all the moms out there taking center stage with their children for a few moments this year, even if it’s just a few.  xo Meri

Meri Cherry Art StudioMeri Cherry Art StudioMeri Cherry Art Studio for kidsMeri Cherry Art Studio for kids