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Love Catchers are the new Dream Catchers for KidsI’ve wanted to make dream catchers forever so in honor of Valentine’s Day we switched it up a little bit and made Love Catchers.  I thought it was kind of nicer to bring on love dreams than ward off bad dreams.  Know what I mean?  These are pretty easy to make too and can be done in all different sizes.  We did these over two days at art class, but that’s only because the 5 year old girls who made them were way into the beading and didn’t want to stop.

Love Catchers are the new Dream Catchers*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your support!


cardboard, paints (these are my absolute favorite paints!) beads, string or yarn, gems, glitter glue and some ribbon

Love Catchers are the new Dream CatchersDirections

1.  Cut out a cardboard heart.   Cut little slits along the sides about an inch apart and about an half inch deep into the cardboard.

2.  Take any yarn or string and wrap it around the hearts.  Make sure you’re sliding the string into each slit as you wrap it around.  I picked up the striped jersey yarn in the pics at Michaels.  I tried to find an amazon link but came up short.  Sorry guys.

3.  Glue gems all over the heart with the glitter glue.  This part is optional and you can do it before or after you wrap the heart with the yarn or string.

4.  String some beads and tie them to the hearts on the bottom. Some kids did one strand and others did three.  I used a hole punch to make holes for the string.  (This is my favorite hole puncher for all things crafty by the way)

5.  Make another hole for the ribbon at the top.  I used the same hole punch but then stuck one side of a scissor through to make the hole bigger.  It was easier to get the ribbon in.  Tie a knot on the end of the ribbon to make a loop.

Love Catchers are the new Dream CatchersI love this one especially.  The 5 year old who made it was on a mission to do her own style with the string.  She’s definitely got style.

Love Catchers are the new Dream CatchersLove Catchers are the new Dream CatchersLast step is to hang your love catcher above your bed and have sweet dreams filled with rainbows and unicorns.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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