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These are incredible! I want an art studio for my kids!Yesterday my husband and I cruised the streets of San Fernando Valley in search of an art studio space to lease. We are looking for a beautiful slice of heaven tucked in some sweet unexpected spot with high ceilings, an inexpensive price tag and some crazy amazing natural light!  (positive thinking people!!!)  Just a place I can make into my own and see what comes of it.  It’s a “If you build it…they will come,” situation.  In the meantime, I’ve been looking at tons of spaces, pinning up the wazoo, and dreaming of my art new art studio.  Here are 10 examples of studios that inspire me and get me so excited to design my own space.  I can’t wait! (and if you’re local and know of a space that is filled with the most fantastic sunshine you’ve ever seen, hit me up!)

5 Art Tips for Creating an Art Space for Kids

How to Organize Art Supplies

gorgeous art studio for kids!Dos Family

Ok, this one just blows my mind in every possible way.  That big red mural up high on the wall and the print on the table and the clay palm tree looking sculptures, swoon, major swoon, big time swoony swoon.

gorgeous art studio for kids!The Light Garden

This is such a wonderfully happy space and I love the picnic style tables.  Benches are great because you can use them as tables for little kids and set up supplies on them too.  Plus, I love all things community style.

gorgeous art studio for kids!The Art Pantry

This art studio by my friend Megan at The Art Pantry is such a great example of how an art space can be set up at home.  I love that Megan uses her sun room for a creative space and all the supplies are accessible to the kids, well organized and ready to go.  In fact, Megan wrote an INCREDIBLE guide on how to create an art studio for kids.  Megan knows what’s up when it comes to setting up an art space!

Click here to read more about the best eguide out there on how to set up an art space for kids!

Art Studio and Backyard Art Space for Kids - Tips for organizing and making your ownMeri Cherry Art Playhouse

I love this outdoor art playhouse. It’s in my backyard! We’ve spent hours upon hours in this little space built by my husband and our cousin, Ted.  We’re lucky to live in Southern California so it’s been pretty good to us all year round.  Everything is accessible to the kids and fear of making a mess is pretty much off the menu.  Who doesn’t love that?

gorgeous art studio for kids!L’Atelier de Charenton

How cool is that painting stand?  I love it and I love all the evidence of endless paintings on the wall.  Simple but really effective.

gorgeous art studio for kids!Palisades Preschool

This outdoor art space pretty much blows my mind every time I see it.  It’s from a Reggio school close to me but I’ve never been.  I really want to visit though! It just looks like such an inspiring happy place.  I love the vibe of all the art hung up on the side in that grid.  This is such a beautiful reflection of the kids who create in it.

gorgeous art studio for kids!Le Capsa De Color

Another great painting stand that I love.  I really want to make one of these.  You can store it up against a wall too and bring it out as needed.  All that color is so inspiring and I love the use of easels for kids.  Ikea has the best, cheapest wood ones.

What an inspired space for kids to create! I love this!Beehive Art Studio

Beehive Art Studio is one of my favorite feeds to stalk on instagram. I pretty much love everything they do over there.  I love the photography on the walls.  I am excited to make photography a big part of my own studio.  I’d love to create a whole photography area where kids can set up small worlds and take pictures, then display their photos throughout the studio.

Oh my goodness this is the most gorgeous space ever.  The light, the ceiling, I love it all!source

Ok, I know this isn’t a kid’s space and I’m sorry I don’t know exactly where it came from (if you do please tell me) but I have to include it because this is the vibe I’m going for in my new art studio, only a more kid friendly version and since I’m all about creating a vision, I am including it here.  Isn’t it totally gorgeous beyond words?  Those built in shelves are enough to make me just stare and dream and stare and dream.  The ceilings and the light are INSANE and I just love the inviting feel of this space.  Can you picture it turned into the most gorgeous reggio inspired art studio in all the world?

Art Studio and Backyard Art Space for Kids - Tips for organizing and making your ownMeri Cherry Outdoor Art Studio

This is also part of our backyard.  I am so grateful for this space and how my obsession of art supplies is out in the open with everything at my fingertips.  This area has gotten a lot of use and I’ve learned so much from it.

Kol Tikvah ECC Atelier

Last but not least I have to share my very favorite art studio for kids.  Kol Tikvah ECC has a gorgeous Reggio inspired atelier.  It’s an evolving space that I feel privileged to work in.  These pics were taken the first few weeks.  It looks so different now after six months of creativity with all the preschoolers.  I’ll be sharing updated pics soon but in the meantime, please take some time to check out this interview I did with Tinkerlab about the space.

Thanks for reading along everyone.  I hope you are feeling inspired by all these art spaces.  I can’t wait to find my new space and share it with all of you! xo Meri

I love this art studio! I want to jump in the pic.  So reggio.    best art and craft supplies for kids