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Best resource if you want to create an art studio for your kids.  This is phenomenal!I definitely have art spaces on the brain.  Yesterday I shared 10 of my favorite art studios for kids and today I am so so excited to share one of the most incredible resources on this ol’ world wide web for creating an art space for kids.  Megan, the author of The Art Pantry, has put together the most incredible and thorough step by step resource for how to create the perfect art space for kids.  If you like my blog and the things I do with kids, but aren’t as familiar with Megan’s work, I think it’s worthwhile for me to share my reaction when she sent me this eguide.  It was like Megan jumped into my brain, sorted through all the piles and piles of mess, and took the best nuggets.  Then she added countless other amazing nuggets from years of her own experience teaching art to kids and made the best art space guide I could possibly imagine.  I’m serious.  If you want to make an art space for your kids, no matter how big or how small, this is worth a million bucks.  I stand behind it wholeheartedly.

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Best resource if you want to create an art studio for your kids.  This is phenomenal!

Megan covers space issues, storage possibilities, her favorite art supplies, how to get started, and more.  She even has a section on what to put on the lower, medium and high shelves.  And as if the pages and pages of helpful information about art spaces weren’t enough, Megan also included 30 days of easy art prompts, also known as invitations to play or invitations to create.  These are fantastic!!! Super simple and easy to follow with photos.  So many of the invitations are ones we have done in our own home and the ones that were new to us I can’t wait to try.

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Best resource if you want to create an art studio for your kids. This is phenomenal!The arts and crafts blogosphere can be vast at times, and other times feel kind of like this connected little family.  I had been following Megan’s work on instagram and heard her name pop up in conversation when I started designing my own art space for kids.  It wasn’t long before we connected over dinner and had the pleasure of chatting the night away about best practices and our similar backgrounds in the Reggio Emelia Approach to learning.  If you have been wanting to create an art space, or even an art cart for your kids, you will love this guide.  It’s available for download right now.  Just click here or on any of the pics.  I highly highly recommend Megan’s book and know you will get so much out of it.  I contributed a small bit along with some other blogging friends, like Art Bar, The Artful Parent and Tinkerlab.  And if you do get it, please let me know how it helped you.  I would love to hear from you.

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Thanks for reading along! xo Meri

Best resource if you want to create an art studio for your kids. This is phenomenal!

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