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These are gorgeous! I would love any of these for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  This year I am taking matters into my own hands.  I am instructing my husband as to what gift I want my girls to make me and I may even decide to make it with them.  This way when Mother’s Day comes around I am guaranteed to be totally stoked about my handmade gift.  I mean, his ideas are nice and everything, but sometimes you need a woman’s touch.  We’ve made a few things over the years that will make a lot of mamas very happy.  Here is a list of kid made Mother’s Day gifts all listed by age.  Feel free to join me in controlling your Mother’s Day outcome as well.  Ain’t nothing wrong with creating our own special day, right?

10 Kid Made Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love!

Toddlers and Up

1.  Fabric Resist Art Pillows – I made these with my 2 and three year old last year and they are still one of our greatest keepsakes.  My husband loves his!!  Of course you can easily change it to “I love my mommy.”

These are so gorgeous for Father's Day or Mother's Day Presents! Made by toddlers!!!2. Collage Serving Trays – This is so crazy easy and my girls (ages 2.5 and almost 4) loved making them.  You can get these wood trays on Amazon for 3 dollars a tray! or your local craft store or maybe even score something similar at a thrift store.  Just cut or rip up some tissue paper and use a mixture of glue and water to glue on the tissue paper.  When the kids are done an adult can mode podge the tray to make it more durable and easy to wipe.  We used the new Kid Made Modern tissue paper from Target but I also found this tissue paper online that’s cute.

under five bucks! this is so cute for mother's day!3. Washi Tape Vase – This is such an easy fun project for little kids.  My 2.5 year old made this one over time, meaning, she’d add some washi tape, and then a few days add some more tape.  She is sooo proud of it.  And we just used a recycled coffee jar.  Cheap and easy!

so cute! a toddler this vase for mother's day.  4.  Vegetable Print No Sew Pillows – As you can see we are into pillow making.  These are no sew and super super cute! We made them at my preschool where I am the atelierista (reggio inspired art teacher.)  I am going to do a full post but in the meantime here are the three steps.  1. print vegetables with fabric paint on canvas fabric.  2.  Cut out two rectangles about 8×10 and put them painted side to painted side.  glue gun them together on three sides.  Turn outside in.  3.  Stuff with batting and glue gun the last side together.  Fluff and enjoy!

What a great idea. Kid made pillows are the best keepsake.5. Modern Hand Painted Plate Set – A full post is coming soon on this one too.  Ahhh, not enough hours in the day! But just to get you started, the plates are from the dollar store and we used neon acrylic paint and dishwasher safe mod podge.

*Note* Some acrylic paints are more temperamental than others when applying the mode podge.  I am working on a detailed post but if you try this, apply the modge podge very gently with a sponge brush to keep the paint from coming off, and I would stay away from kid friendly acrylics.  More info to come!

What?!!! These plates were made by preschoolers for their silent auction. I want these!3 and Up

6. Colorful Milk Jar Vase – I made this one a few years ago actually because my girls were way too young.  But now I’d definitely give them the paint markers and let them go for it, on a covered area that is.  Cheap and easy recycled gift!  Love it.

such a fun recycled idea for Mother's Day. Cheap and easy!7. HUGE “You Got This” Coffee Mug – This could be my favorite of the bunch since coffee is pretty much my life line at this point.  I found this gigantic mug at Michaels for less than 3 dollars with my coupon.  It’s sort of perfect in every way.  I can’t find it on Amazon but I did find this gigantic mug which offers the same effect.  Some other things it might say “Let’s get this party started. Love you Mom!”  Or how about, “Drink Up.  Happy Mother’s Day.”  It’s sort of limitless once you get going, as is my beautiful, amazing vanilla latte every morning.  Would I look odd walking into Peets with this?

ps I wrote the message on this one with fancy paint markers.  See how I’m taking matters into my own hands?  No scribbling on my mug please, girls.

this is so funny.  BEST mother's day gift!8. Family Portraits to Frame – I love this project.  It literally brought one of the moms to tears in art class.  Do it and frame it for an amazing keepsake.  This one was made by a three year old.  So sweet!

Family portraits make the best keepsakes. I can't wait for my girls to do this!9. Bleeding Heart Art – This was a Valentine’s Day project we did earlier this year.  It’s great for slightly older children who are able to paint in the lines.  Otherwise it’s really simple.  Here’s the full tutorial.

Bleeding Hearts - Great Mother's Day Gift!10. Parachute Cord Vase and Pom Pom Flowers – We made these last summer at art camp for 9-12 year olds.  They loved making the vase and adding the pom poms as flowers.  This would be such a great gift for a pre teen or teenager to give to their mama.

this is such a cute project for older kids to make for Mother's Day! Pom pom making is totally addicting.Here are ten more from around the web that I absolutely love too.

A Mother’s Day Card Free Printable (all ages)

Puffy Love Hearts (young children)

Cosmic Suncatchers (young children)

Melted Crayon Art (young and older children)

Thumbprint Self Portrait (younger and older children)

Beautiful Soap Making (younger and older children)

Mother’s Day Handprint Cards (younger and older children)

Personalized Mother’s Day Presents (younger and older children)

These are all gorgeous actually (younger and older children)

Easy Mother’s Day cards (younger and older children)

So, that’s ten Kid Made Mother’s Day presents I think we’d all like right? Plus, a little vid of me and my girls being all lovey dovey together.  I told them we were making a mother’s day video and now they think every day is Mother’s Day.  Pretty good if you ask me.  I hope you’re feeling inspired to either send this post to your partner or make something special with your kids so you can have a super awesome, well deserved Mother’s Day.  Mother’s are warriors.  Make it your day! xoxo Meri

These ideas are gorgeous! I would love any of these for Mother's Day!