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Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!Salt Painting!! It’s so much fun.  For real.  Kids seriously love salt painting.  It’s one of those process art activities that never fails and you can do it so many different ways.  Check it out in the vid and keep reading for the easy 3 step process.  Once you have the materials you can do this over and over and  you’re kids will love it.  Plus, it’s a great mix of science and art.  Bonus points.

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your support!


liquid watercolors (or water and food coloring)

liquid droppers aka pipettes

any kind of strong paper, cardboard (we used a few surfaces including paper plates)

salt (the cheaper the better)

white glue

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!Step 1

On your paper surface make a design with white glue.  It can be as thick or thin as you want.  Make sure you have some crisscrossing lines.  It will be more fun once you get to the painting part.

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!Step 2

Sprinkle salt all over your glue painting.  Knock the excess salt back into a bowl so you can reuse it.

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!Step 3

Dip the droppers into liquid watercolors and make drops all over your salt painting.  You can mix colors right on your painting.  Watch as the colors travel and blend into each other to make a gorgeous painting.

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!A note about liquid watercolors – The straight up water color from the bottle is very concentrated.  I like to squeeze a little into a baby jar or strong cup and add a little water.  Baby jars are a great way to store your paints because whatever you don’t use you can just close up and save for later.  I keep them in a cupcake tin so they don’t move around too much.   Also, the paintings themselves, won’t dry quite as vibrant as the colors you see here, so don’t be disappointed.  These were photographed wet.  When the salt dries it absorbs a lot of the color but it still looks really cool and the kids don’t seem to mind one bit.  It’s about the experience.

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!This has been an absolute favorite art activity with the kids I work with.  We’ve done salt painting in all kinds of ways, including salt painting collages, salt words like in the video and flower paintings.  (posts coming soon) It’s something I will repeat over and over again throughout the summer.  I hope you’re excited to give it a tray. Oh, and it works great on transparency paper too! Have fun.  xo Meri

Salt painting is so cool.  Kids love it!  best art and craft supplies for kids