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Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.Ahh, this was so much fun!  I know I’ve posted about sculpey a million times before, like these Random Acts of Kindness Hearts and these 7 Layer Birthday Cakes.  I have been working with kids and Sculpey for years and years.  It’s by far one of my favorite art supplies.  But these bowls! These catch all bowls are so cool and so unique and so much fun to make.  My girls absolutely loved this process.  See how we did it below.

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Note – Sculpey is best used with children ages 5 and up in my opinion, though my almost 3 and 4 year old had great safe success during this process.  They were well supervised while working with this material and we made sure to wash our hands thoroughly after making our bowls.  Sculpey is not safe to ingest so please use your discretion.

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.You’ll need…



a crafting machine aka my secret weapon aka the tool that all kids LOVE (it’s kind of expensive on Amazon but if you check your local craft store you may find it for less.  I’ve had mine for years though.  It’s really sturdy.)

a metal bowl (one that is safe to put in the oven)

a cutting tool

an oven

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.Steps

1. Cover the surface of your table with craft paper or a placemat.

2. Pick some colors that you think would be great together.  Take a few bits of each of the colors and moosh (technical term) them together.  Also called kneading the clay.  You can take about a marbles worth of each color.  Mooshing them together will create this great marbled effect of the clay in addition to warming up the clay so it’s easy to work with.  If it’s a little hard to start with you can roll it back and forth under your palm on a the surface of the table to soften it up.  I’ve found that a fresh package of sculpey is super soft and pliable for kids.

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.2.  Once you have a marbled clay blob (another technical term) you’re going to put it through the craft machine to flatten it out.  As you can see in the video, kids can easily work the crafting machine.  They love it’s professional quality and the great results it yields.  The sculpey will be super flat, smooth and beautiful with all the colors you chose.

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.3.  Place the flattened sculpey piece on top of the metal bowl.  You’re going to cover the whole top of the bowl so that it just fits over the curve.  My kids didn’t want to stop covering the bowl as you can see in the pics.  So I used this sculpey cutting tool to cut around the sculpey forming a shallow bowl.  We were able to use the extra sculpey to cover another bowl.

4.  Once you have the bowl covered to just over the curve, you’re going to gently lift it off the bowl and then place it back on gently.  I’ve found this makes it really easy to remove after baking.

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.5.  Bake the metal bowl with the sculpey on top in the oven according to the directions on the back of the sculpey package.

6.  Let it all cool for a few minutes after baking and then gently remove your sculpey from the bowl.  Voila! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous, kid made catch all clay bowl.

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.Maybe you want to put hair ties and barrettes inside or your favorite toy figures.  Or maybe you just want to display one on a coffee table.  Each one is different and unique.  My kids are so proud of theirs.

If you want to do a “woven” one, just cut strips with the cutting tool or knife and place a bunch of sculpey strips going one direction on the bowl and then a bunch more going the opposite direction.  These can be a bit more fragile than the ones you see my girls making in the video.  Make sure you smoosh the layers together before baking these and don’t forget to let them cool before removing them from the metal bowl.  I didn’t let the first one I made cool and it cracked when I took it off the bowl.

My kids loved this whole process and I did too.  The bowls are kind of addicting since there are so many color choices.  I dare you to make just one. For more sculpey posts try these finger puppets and check out this Alien Army with over 200 characters.  Thanks for reading along everyone.  Happy sculpting.  xo Meri

Kids LOVE sculpey! Such a fun art project.**This post is sponsored by Sculpey.  All opinions are my own and I am thrilled to spread the word about this fantastic product I have been endorsing on my own for almost ten years.

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