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best art and craft supplies for kids

Ok, so just in case you walk into an arts and crafts supply store and start to get hives, I thought I’d make life a tad bit easier and share my absolute favorite, can’t live without, must have ART SUPPLY LIST.  These are my favorite art supplies of for kids. You can order these all online so you don’t even have to leave your cozy little bed. After all, it’s Black Friday Night, and if you’re anything like me you feel compelled to buy at least one thing, even if you don’t need it in the slightest bit.  That is one of my specialties actually.  Who’s with me?  Regardless, we’ll talk about addictions another time.  Here’s the list…and if you click this link, I go into way more detail and share some project ideas too. 

1.  Pastels – Oil pastels  and Chalk Pastels

Here are two ideas, one using oil pastels and one using chalk pastels, to help you get started.

2.  Black Sharpies

Some art activities using black sharpies…shadow box ornaments and self portrait shadow boxes

3.  Good Watercolor Paper

Using the wrong paper is often the biggest problem parents have when doing art with their children.  Here is a great pad of strong, durable and absorbent paper that can be used with watercolors, liquid watercolors, sharpies, pastels, and tempera paints.

4.  Washi Tape

There isn’t much I haven’t done with washi tape.  There was a loooong period of time where I couldn’t stop using washi.  We made diy building blocks, decorated a puppet theater, made wall art.  You name it, we’ve washi’d it.

5.  Watercolors

If you’re feeling adventurous, I absolutely love Liquid Watercolors. They take a minute to get the hang of but you can do so many amazing things with them.  Check out these body tracings.

And also, we love this watercolor palette.  It’s great!

6.  Neon Tempera cakes (I order and reorder these babies. Love.)

7.  Wire

8.  Wood Beads

9.  FuNCHALK Markers (on sale)

10.  Transparency paper

11.  Sculpey

12. 2 Layer Drop Cloth – the most absorbent and durable drop cloth for water colors and other paints.  You can cut it or keep it huge like our Jackson Pollock Mural.

**Hot off the press** We just found out our favorite storage caddy is on Amazon. This is the best caddy ever for storing markers, pencils, etc.  We really love ours and have had it for over 3 years and going strong.  Highly highly recommend.


And if you are looking to put together a great super cool gift box filled with art supplies for kids you love, I wrote this post last year and recently updated it.  To me, the Snazaroo Face Painting Set is the best gift ever for little kids, especially if you’re brave enough to let them use in on their own. We are huge fans.  See it in action here.

Hope this is helpful! Happy Holidays everyone.  xo, Meri

best art and craft supplies for kids