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Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsIt’s late and I should be sleeping but I just came across these pics of my little one making one of her favorite flower potions and I thought everyone needs to try this.  It’s so easy and fun, especially if you have a little flower girl like I do. Flower potions are great for outdoor summer play and in LA it pretty much always feels like summer, so we’ve been doing this a lot.

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsYou’ll Need…


a bowl



a spoon

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsSteps

This is really an imagination thing and every child will do it differently so I recommend going on a nature walk first to collect flowers and any bits of nature that interest your child.

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsNext, set out a bowl with a side of water and a pair of scissors and the rest is pretty much up to them.

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsIf your child needs a little prompt you can ask “Have you ever made a flower potion before?  Hmm…I wonder how you would make one? Here are some tools.  I’m excited to see what you come up with.”

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsMy 3 and a half year old was waaaay into this. No prompts necessary.  She actually was the one who told me that it was a flower potion.  I think at one point she started calling it porridge too. I love when kids use the word porridge.

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potionsAfter we made it, we decided to put it in the freezer and took it out the next day for some more play with her big sis.  They were both so into it.  It was like a super cool frozen fruit cake. Does anyone else have daughter’s that call each other sis and sissy all day long?  Mine do and it is pretty much a heart melter every time.

So there you have it, good old fashioned outside summer play.  If you like this idea you might like our nature soup idea too.  That was a big hit when we had our own lemon tree in the backyard. Happy (almost) summer everyone and thanks for reading along.  xo Meri

Simple summer fun for kids - flower potions