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Sun prints for kids kind of rockCan we pretend it’s still summer for just a minute?  I was supposed to post this amazing art activity for kids months ago. It was one of our very favorites at the beginning of summer, but life intervened and instead of cranking out blog posts, we opened an art studio for kids.  That was three months ago, and now that things are somewhat calm, I don’t want to forget these amazing Sun Prints for kids, inspired by my incredible friend and process art guru, Samara Caughey from Purpletwig. If you don’t already follow Purpletwig on instagram, now is the time! And if you are lucky enough to live in LA, definitely check out her art studio for kids in Echo Park.

Sun prints for kids kind of rock*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks so much for your support!

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting with Samara at my home and she brought my girls these incredible sun print gift boxes.  It took me a minute, but finally I got them down from the shelf and had them waiting to be opened when my girls got home from school.

Sun prints for kids kind of rockFrom the moment they saw the box, they were in with both feet.  The packaging is gorgeous and everything inside is so well thought out and purposeful for the sun printing project. I had never done sun prints before this so I was excited to introduce something totally new to my girls, while I learned along with them.

Sun prints for kids kind of rockI’m often skeptical of art kits.  I find that usually they are just filled with a whole bunch of junk to make a mess with.  This kit was everything but that.

Sun prints for kids kind of rockThere were all the supplies you need, along with very simple directions on how to do the sun prints.

If you want to try this on your own, here is a link to some sun prints below. BUT, if you want one of the amazing Purpletwig Sun Print kits, I have ten available to ship on October 18th.  Just email me! I have ten and it will be first come first serve for 24 dollars a kit plus shipping.  You and your child will love it!

Email me to order your own Sun Print Kit. Limited number available.  

or, order your own sun print paper here

sun print paper


Sun prints for kids kind of rockWe used the supplies in the box and then went on a little nature hike to find our own supplies.  The kit is great because it gives you a few sun print papers to try out and experiment with.

Sun prints for kids kind of rockI don’t know if it was the summer night light but man, everything just looked so gorgeous on the sun print paper.

Sun prints for kids kind of rockWe made all three prints and then chose our favorites to turn into wall hangings.  (All the wall hanging materials are included in the kits.)  Of course my girls took things a step further and glued beads and trinkets all over their sun prints.  We just can’t help ourselves with that sort of thing.

Sun prints for kids kind of rockEach one came out so sweet. They are both hanging in their rooms now three months later.  We did this over the course of three nights and each night my girls were so excited to get to their prints.  I can’t recommend these kits enough.  They are perfectly executed and I can’t help but wish I thought of them myself.  But that’s Samara.  She comes up with ideas that are simple, rich in layers, and totally doable for kids of all ages.  See another one of her amazing projects that we’ve done over and over again here.

Thanks for reading along and email me if you want to order your own kit! xo, Meri

Sun prints for kids kind of rock