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Fort Magic TheaterEvery year around this time we like to bust out our Fort Magic Kit and make something fantastic we can enjoy for a while in the playroom.  Let me just say, I don’t know how quickly my girls are going to let me take down this theater. Oh my goodness did we have fun with this.

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Fort Magic TheaterYou may have seen our Fort Magic Nail Salon from last year.  It was awesome.  My girls spent hours in there and it was during a time when all they wanted to do was get manicures all day.  My husband and I thought of doing a puppet theater this year but when we asked the girls, my little one started crying and my six year old was like, meh. I was surprised but as we started talking about it we realized they loved the idea of a theater, but they wanted to be the stars, not the puppets! (duh, mom)

Fort Magic TheaterSo, I present to you, Fort Magic Theater of Performing Arts…

My husband put it together and our girls were his assistant.  Grandma also helped quite a bit while I took pics and shared stories on Instagram.

Fort Magic TheaterI’m not exactly sure how, but as soon as the theater was open, girls from all around the neighborhood starting to show up to perform.  It was like some sort of performers sixth sense.  They just kept coming.

Fort Magic TheaterThe drama was in full bloom and we loved it.

Fort Magic TheaterOne of the things I love about Fort Magic is that it’s super easy to put together and the possibilities are endless.  The clips for hanging the fabric are amazing and you don’t need more than what they give you in the kit to make something awesome.  We just hung some old ikea curtains and wrapped some yarn around the bars and hung a sign.  It’s all about the sign if you ask me. I, of course paid extra for front row seats.

Best Family Gifts - Fort Magic TheaterOur amazing neighbor Neil is an awesome photographer, so all the super clear photos here are by Neil Apodaca.  I took the others.  Check out his feed on Instagram.  His late night pics of the Malibu skies are incredible and his pics on the baseball field are super cool.  I am so grateful Neil has girls who love all of our crazy happenings over here. I’ve always dreamed we’d have a home where kids always came over and just hung out and had fun and felt comfortable.  It feels so good to be cultivating that now.

Fort Magic TheaterThese girls had a blast.  All six of them performed without an argument in sight.  Woo hoo.  Gotta love neighborhood friends.

Fort Magic TheaterI mean, look at all this joy!

Fort Magic TheaterAnd all this drama.

Fort Magic TheaterMy mom added the gorgeous scarf hanging in the back.  It adds quite a dramatic flair, don’t you think?

Fort Magic TheaterGigi wants to be an actress when she get’s older.  “Mama, my favorite thing in the world is performing. I want to be an actress when I get older.”  Why Gigi?  “I want everyone to know who I am.”  Do your thing girl.

Thanks for all the fun Fort Magic! Fort Magic Theater for the win!

Fort Magic Theater

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