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Sculpture for KidsThese pics were literally burning a hole in my pocket after our Gallery Show for Sculpture Class last night.  I am feeling blown away and so proud of the kids and the work that we do at Meri Cherry Art Studio. Sculpture for Kids is a passion for us.  Our team worked for months brainstorming, creating, and troubleshooting the curriculum for this class. We couldn’t be more proud of these kids and how special their work is.  Please celebrate with us through these pics.

Sculpture for KidsThe class was inspired by Artist Jeff Koons.  I won’t be going into the steps of the projects here but I will definitely get to them in future posts.  I just want to share a little about the power of creating sculpture with kids.  It’s really a remarkable experience I want every child to enjoy.

Sculpture for KidsThese kids definitely enjoyed.  Look at these happy faces.  We have a sculptural element in all of our art class sessions but this was the first time we dedicated an entire class to sculpture.

Sculpture for KidsWe used Jeff Koons balloon sculptures as a jumping off point and then let our materials guide us to next steps regarding exploring texture, shape and form.

Sculpture for KidsSculpture for KidsWe ended our Sculpture for Kids Class with a collaborative sculpture experience that really blew my mind and the majority of kids expressed it was their favorite.  I suspect it had something to do with the hammering. Give a girl a hammer and look out.

Sculpture for Kids Sculpture for KidsThe last day of the session we invited all the parents for a gallery show where the artists could share their work and their thoughts about each piece.  These kids are 5-8 years old. Each child left feeling so proud and with a new knowledge of sculpture, what it means and how it can be expressed in so many different ways.

Sculpture for KidsSculpture for KidsIt was such a treat to hear the different thoughts of the kids and how they interpreted their sculptures. The sculpture above was “mom,” from it’s preliminary drawing to execution.  Absolutely no wavering. This artist knew what she wanted to do. Where other sculptures changed shape and form as they went.  I love all the lessons and metaphors for life’s journey sculpture can offer.

Sculpture for KidsSculpture for KidsIt was so hard to say goodbye to each of these powerful creations.  Each one so different and unique to it’s creator.  But thinking about each piece living on in the artist’s home, being admired and chatted about and questioned makes us so proud and happy. I can’t wait to get my first pic of a hanging sculpture at home.

Sculpture for KidsSculpture for KidsIf you’re interested in signing up for our next Sculpture for Kids Class, please check our schedule here or email info@mericherry.com.  We would love to create with you. This class is for kids ages 5 and up.

Sculpture for Kids - inspired by Jeff KoonsSculpture for KidsThanks for following along everyone.  Please share any compliments to the artists in the comments below and I’ll be sure to pass them on. xo, Meri

Sculpture for Kids