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DIY Holiday Place Cards for KidsThis will probably be my last post of 2018 so I want to cap off the year with something super simple and special.  We made handmade holiday place cards and I just love them. I know we will use them for years to come and just keep adding to them as our table gets bigger and bigger. Each card has a special message inside when you open it so you feel warm and welcome when you sit down at our holiday table.

DIY Holiday Place Cards for KidsI love to host parties.  It’s sort of surprising because I don’t like to cook (aka I don’t cook…ever.), but I do love building and cultivating community, so throwing a great family friendly party has become a true pleasure for me.  Thankfully, my husband Ev enjoys it too and we have found a real rhythm and connection to each other while preparing for parties.  We don’t get stressed.  We don’t prepare a week in advance.  We basically order food the day before from one of our favorite places or make it a potluck.  Then, the day of the celebration we both go into hardcore straightening the house mode, including the girls, and somehow by the time of the party, the table is set, the house is clean and there is some sort of new beautiful art project on the table. I marvel at the experience every time.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for KidsThanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for KidsA few weeks ago we hosted Thanksgiving and while we were straightening up, we made this beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. Isn’t it pretty? Then right before the party we made these super fun holiday place cards that made me feel so proud of my girls. They got so into them. Handmade place cards are such an easy detail that can add pure joy to your table.  These cards are super simple.  You can make your place cards as fancy as you want.

DIY Holiday Place Cards for KidsSteps

Here are the steps.

1. Cut out some watercolor paper squares about 3.5×3.5 and fold them in half.

2. Decorate the front and inside with happy messages that make you feel good.  We put words like Joy, Gratitude, Dream Big, Happiness, etc. on the front with designs and then a message on the inside, like “We’re glad you’re here,” and “You are a rock star.”  The more we did, the more fun we had.

3. That’s pretty much it but you can totally add watercolor paint, washi tape or any other details you can think of.

DIY Holiday Place Cards for KidsAren’t they so sweet? I love having them and can’t wait to use them year after year for different special occasions.

Happy Holidays everyone.  I hope your holiday is filled with love, joy, good health and gratitude. xo, Meri Cherry and the Cherry Crew

DIY Holiday Place Cards for Kids