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Ok, things are totally loco on the planet right now and I know that we are all looking for ways to keep things sane. I thought it would be helpful to provide Meri Cherry’s Go To Art Supply LIst for kids. This is what I would fill my cart with to plan for a few weeks of art making with my own kids or any group of kids. These are the basic art supplies we love both at Meri Cherry Art Studio and in our home. I’ve included links to all our favorites. I hope this is helpful. Stay healthy everyone, and we love you!!!

*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for your support.

Follow me on Instagram for lots of ideas on how to use these products. There are also TONS in my book, PLAY MAKE CREATE. (Click here if you’re not in the US)


1. Good quality watercolor paper. This is what we splurge on. Trust me. It’s worth it. Our favorite brand is Canson.

2. Yarn in your children’s favorite colors. Thicker is often better for younger kids, but the regular weight that I linked to is also good. 

3. Paint brush markers. We love these at my house!

4. A good watercolor palette.

5. Sharpies (or other permanent marker) If this one stresses you out, don’t use them. Just remember that when we raise the bar for our kids, they will rise to it. And on the other hand, if you’re going to be all stressed out that your kid is going to write on your white couch, just skip it. All good.

6. Adhesive foam paper I linked to the glitter kind but the non glitter is great too. They are easy to cut and kids love to peel things. We use this material a lot. I’ll be posting ideas over then next few weeks in my stories. You can follow me here

7. Oil pastels for younger kids are great and they work really well with watercolors. They also slide on smoothly to wood and other surfaces.

8. Sculpey for 5/6 year olds and up is an all time favorite, along with a craft machine. The craft machine is a game changer.

9. Washi tape. You have to be careful now because so many companies make really bad washi that doesn’t stick. We like MT brand and Scotch.

10. Stickers. We’re big sticker fans over here. We have been Pipsticks subscribers for years. As my girls get older, they are loving the stickers more and more. I always loved them and thought the designs were so cool. Picking out a few from your local craft store is always a fun surprise too.

11. Paint brushes. Our favorite are from IKEA

12. Scissors. I’m a big proponent for exposing kids to scissors at an early age. Most 3 year olds can 100% handle a scissor. Of course, do what you’re comfortable with, but I’m all for it.

14. And of course, my book, PLAY MAKE CREATE! I know I’m biased but I literally wrote a Process Art handbook about how to do simple art activities at home with your kids so if you’re looking for ideas, I think it’s a good idea to get it. You’ll love it! (Click here if you’re not in the US)

Now go get making!!! And wash your hands. xo