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We have so many talented teachers here at Meri Cherry Art Studio, and they’re always coming up with the coolest new processes and projects.

This one… this one blew me away. We first introduced this project in a studio Sculpture class, and everyone fell in love. We promised we would make a tutorial class on how to make these incredible Felted Bowls, and now it’s here!

Learn how to make this project in our downloadable Felted Bowls Class. This process is great for ages 5 & up, and even upper elementary, middle school age and adults love making these too. It just takes a few simple supplies. I promise you’ll want to make these over and over

Felted Bowls are great for ages 5 & up — even upper elementary, middle school, and adults can try this out (that means you, parents!) WE LOVE THIS PROCESS! In this video, we’ll walk you and your child through all the steps to create your own felted bowl, using just a few simple materials and our tried-and-true method created by one of Meri Cherry Art Studio’s amazing teachers.

The Felted Bowls Class includes:

  • A list of supplies you will need for this project, including an easy link to our Amazon Shop to get everything you need (here’s the link to the class list on our Amazon Shop so you can get an idea of what the supplies cost ahead of time, and what you might already have at home)
  • An introduction to one of Meri Cherry Art Studio’s superstar teachers, and the exact language we use in class with our students
  • A step-by-step teaching video for your child to follow along and create their own unique felted bowls

Also included…

  • Meri Cherry’s How to Talk to Children About Art Making Poster


Look at these amazing bowls, made by our 6+ Sculpture class! Kids LOVE this process.